About Stylelife Academy
About Stylelife Academy

The World's 1st "Online Academy for Attraction"

The Stylelife Academy was founded by internationally known life-coach, immersive journalist, and bestselling author Neil Strauss (aka Style) as the world's 1st "Online Academy for Attraction". The Academy's personalized attraction and motivation programs and coaching instruct each member to succeed in challenging love and life situations, helps them realize life's full potential and succeed in meeting, attracting, and keeping the women of their dreams.

Stylelife Academy is the only complete Self-Improvement-System that is personalized for each member to unbury and shape his best self at his own pace. It delivers exclusively the latest exercises and material, the most knowledgeable and experienced teachers to each individual member.

Using Stylelife Academy's website new members complete a personal profile questionnaire to determine their tailored program and coaching. Based on these results they are offered a personalized improvement plan that provides them with daily knowledge, missions, demonstrations and advice that fits their lifestyle, experience level and pace.

To ensure success, members have access to an exclusive Stylelife Community through which they can garner real-time motivation and support from Stylelife's coaches and member peers.

School teaches reading, writing, and arithmetic, but unless you are the Captain of the Football Team, your skills in attracting and seducing the most beautiful women is beyond your capabilities. With the advent of the Internet, an Underground Community of leaders sprung-up; developing theories, techniques, and strategies to turn help guys evolve into the best version of themselves.

The idea for the Stylelife Academy evolved where each member is provided with a personalized complete program and coaching that fits his lifestyle, experience and pace.

Today, Style has created a "Distance Learning Academy" delivering the most complete and comprehensive system and hired a team of full-time coaches. The Stylelife Academy is the next logical step in the evolution of attraction arts and sciences. Through it's personalized coaching faculty, headed by Neil Strauss himself, it's mission is to teach bringing out the most attractive version of yourself. In addition to transforming your Inner Game with winning attitudes, beliefs, and convictions the Stylelife Academy equips members with complete Outer Game skills: the field-tested scripts, proven routines, and step-by-step instructions you need to take your game to the next level.

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