Neil Strauss
Neil Strauss

Internationally known life-coach, immersive journalist, and bestselling author Neil Strauss constantly breaks new ground in developing strategies for men and women to become their best selves. In his own life, he has transformed from a self-described "dateless chump" to a single adventurer with an exciting and exhilarating life to a devoted married man with a fulfilling and nurturing relationship. Strauss sets the standard for innovation in comprehensive self-improvement regimens, constantly learning, growing, and changing - as he helps his students do the same.

From Chump to Champ
During his years as a music critic, bestselling author, and Rolling Stone writer, Strauss seemed to live the life of a rock star. He partied with music legends, he appeared (clothed) in porn movies, and he interviewed the world's biggest movie stars. In spite of this seemingly glamorous lifestyle, he lacked confidence with women. That all changed when he covered the early days of a movement known, at the time, as "the seduction community."

When presented with a journalistic opportunity to write about a burgeoning online sharing of seduction and social strategies, Strauss-the-journalist took a backseat to Strauss-the-immersion-expert. Instead of just conducting research from a distance and maybe doing a couple of interviews for the story, Strauss traveled the world to learn from the greatest teachers and social artists. Singularly focused on learning to be more socially successful, he lost himself in the dark side of that community for a period before finally transforming himself from what the community called an "average frustrated chump" into one of the most socially savvy people in the world. In that era, people studying the social arts adopted screen names for forum and message board posts. Strauss became known the world over as "Style" and, to even his own surprise, he was voted the number-one pick-up artist in the world for three years running - even when he left the game and was in a relationship.

Strauss wrote about his quest for self-improvement in The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. The book quickly topped the New York Times bestseller list, in addition to hitting #1 in the UK and #1 on Amazon. Appearances on television shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The View followed. Men everywhere were fascinated with Strauss's tale of transformation. His dedication, appetite for learning, and do-whatever-it-takes attitude were inspiring. The book also proved that the quest for social improvement is a worldwide phenomenon, picking up readers and topping bestseller lists around the world. After the success of the book, receiving tens of thousands of emails, and being called a "hero to men seeking women" by The Los Angeles Times Strauss still had no plans to become a teacher and lecturer. But, he had an idea.

The Launch of Stylelife
In July 2006, Strauss launched the Stylelife Challenge online. This monumental effort was a completely new strategy for teaching social skills. No entrance fees, no books to buy, no memberships to pay for. The Stylelife Challenge was a completely free system designed to help men get a date in 31 days. Every single day for an entire month, Strauss and his group of expert social coaches gave assignments and provided feedback to a community of 20,000 online users dedicated to getting a date. For some people, the notion of "getting a date" seems simple enough. But for tens of thousands of people with social anxiety or other apprehensions about interacting with strangers, the "get a date" goal provided a very real, very tangible milestone to strive for in their transformation.

The amazing result was that while there was plenty of success with dates, many of the students also got new jobs, raises, better familial relationships, and improved other aspects of their lives. The Stylelife Challenge was originally intended to be a parting gift to the community. Strauss had books to write, exotic places to visit, movie deals to oversee, television shows to launch, and of course, romantic dates to plan with his girlfriend. But the sincere and heartfelt emotion from the men who changed their lives during the Challenge convinced Strauss he should continue mentoring dedicated students.

In November 2006, Strauss held a workshop in Los Angeles that attracted more than a hundred students from all over the world. Determined men came from places as far flung as England, Belgium, France, and Australia to learn from Strauss and his team. The event was a rousing success, but it illustrated one major drawback to the workshop style of teaching. During a workshop, conference, or similar intensive weekend, surrounded by like-minded students and encouraged by skilled instructors, people experience an adrenaline rush of learning. They're learning all day, and can't wait to go out and shine at night. But what happens when they go home?

After they return to the stress and distractions of everyday life, not always surrounded by the most supportive people, all that amazing energy, excitement, and support fades away and they find themselves struggling to say hello to that interesting person sitting in a nearby booth at dinner or to confidently interact with a co-worker in the boardroom. To combat this post-workshop letdown, Strauss conceived the Stylelife Academy, a revolutionary method of teaching social improvement, which recognizes that growth takes place over time with consistent support, constant feedback, and regular coaching and motivation. The key is not in accumulating all the information at once, but just exactly what each person needs to get to the next step. Then after that, the information they need to take the next step. One step at a time, every single day, until they reach their goals and beyond.

A Well-Rounded Life Never Stops
Neil Strauss has always taken a comprehensive, holistic approach to social improvement. He has often been quoted as saying that, "The best way to meet women is to have something better to do than meeting women." As a result of his well-rounded philosophy, he did not limit his efforts to socializing with the opposite sex.

In 2009, he published the bestselling Emergency: This Book will Change Your Life about his immersive efforts to improve his self-reliance skills. Predating the mainstream pop culture fascination with "preppers and survivalists" by several years, Strauss once again discovered and documented a fascinating underground culture while providing useful lessons to readers.

In 2011, Strauss published Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys into Fame and Madness, a wide-ranging collection of his celebrity interviews including subjects ranging from Snoop Dogg to Lady Gaga to Led Zeppelin.

During all these years, Strauss frequently held dinner parties where the only rule was that you could participate in just a single instance. This one-time-only rule created an amazingly diverse, interesting set of personalities gathered around the table. These dinner parties grew into a successful radio show on SiriusXM called "The Inner Circle." Strauss also expanded his instructional focus to include lessons on personal finance, career development, family history exploration, and other topics.

More and more female students also joined the Stylelife ranks, looking to expand their own horizons with a trusted, proven mentor.

The Death of Style and a the Birth of a Solid Marriage
Neil Strauss has frequently said that there is no single way to "win the game." For some people, personal development leads to an exciting life of dating and adventure. For other people, personal development makes fulfilling intimate relationships a possibility. Stylelife has successfully taught men and women to achieve all types of goals. In Neil Strauss' specific example, he "won the game" by marrying the woman of his dreams, generating headlines across the globe, as reported on TMZ and other media outlets. To commemorate his life's journey into a new phase, Strauss hosted a funeral at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in 2013.

Style the ladies man was buried. And Neil Strauss the married man was reborn. Ever the innovator, Strauss' new life as a married man generated a period of intensive research and examination into the modern boundaries, opportunities, and definitions of a relationship. His book, The Game of Love & How to Play It, exploring the way men and women can achieve a very powerful, joyous, and lasting intimacy will be published in 2015.

The Future of Social Development
Under Strauss' tutelage, Stylelife has hosted numerous successful learning events across the world since the company launched in 2007 where men and women mastered transformational topics. Committed to healthy, respectful, responsible interactions between adults, Strauss published The Game Bill of Rights in 2013, detailing a set of respectful guidelines so that people do not have to be afraid to approach a new person on the street, nor do they need to be afraid of being approached. This philosophy of sincere efforts to challenge one's self, to grow, to learn, and to build the life they dream of in a responsible manner is representative of Neil Strauss' future research and instruction. His latest research has been focusing on healing childhood family messages that hold people back from becoming their authentic selves. In fact, it's hard for us to keep up with all he's doing, because he continues to tirelessly examine the human condition and push the status quo of what we believe is possible for our lives.