Style (better known as Neil Strauss) is the author of The Game, the international best-selling book chronicling his metamorphosis from a pasty, dateless nerd to a man ranked as the number one pick-up artist in the world. Acclaimed as a "hero to men seeking women" by The Los Angeles Times, he has spent more than three years teaching men how to turn around their lives in the same manner -- not just romantically, but also professionally, spiritually, and physically.

As a music critic, bestselling author, and Rolling Stone writer, Strauss seemed to live the life of a rock star. He partied with music legends, he appeared (clothed) in porn movies, and he interviewed the world’s biggest movie stars. In spite of this seemingly glamorous lifestyle, he lacked confidence with women. He grudgingly stretched occasional one-night stands into relationships that dragged for years because he wasn’t sure he’d ever get another hook-up.

That all changed when he entered the seduction community. When presented with an opportunity to write about a burgeoning online community of pickup artists, Strauss-the-journalist took a backseat to Strauss-the-obsessed-student-of-seduction. Traveling the world to learn from the greatest teachers and social artists, Strauss buried himself in erotic education. Singularly focused on learning to be more socially successful, Strauss transformed himself from what the community called an “average frustrated chump” into the best pickup artist in the world.

Strauss wrote about his quest for self-improvement in The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. The book quickly hit the bestseller lists and scored high rankings on Amazon. Appearances on television shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The View followed. Men everywhere were fascinated with Strauss’s tale of transformation. His dedication, appetite for learning, and do-whatever-it-takes attitude were inspiring. Truth be told, The Game really should have had a Rocky-style training montage with musical accompaniment. The book also proved that the quest for social improvement is a worldwide phenomenon. To date, The Game has been translated into more than 20 languages and is an international bestseller.

After the success of the book, Strauss was besieged by desperate students who wanted to learn from the newest master. He taught workshops and eventually released The Annihilation Method, a DVD-based learning system that sold out in a matter of minutes. In July 2006, Strauss launched the Stylelife Challenge online. This monumental effort was a completely new strategy for teaching social skills. No entrance fees, no books to buy, no memberships to pay for. The Stylelife Challenge was a completely free system designed to help men get a date in 31 days. Every single day for an entire month, Strauss and his group of pickup artist coaches gave assignments and provided feedback to a community of 20,000 online users dedicated to getting a date. The amazing thing was that while there was plenty of success with dates, many of the students also got new jobs, raises, and improved other aspects of their lives.

The Stylelife Challenge was originally intended to be a parting gift to the community. Strauss had books to write, exotic places to visit, movie deals to oversee, television shows to launch, and of course, romantic dates to plan. But the sincere and heartfelt emotion from the men who changed their lives during the Challenge convinced Strauss he should continue mentoring dedicated students.

In November 2006, Strauss held a workshop in Los Angeles that attracted more than a hundred students from all over the world. Determined men came from places as far flung as England, Belgium, France, and Australia to learn from Strauss and the Stylelife team. The event was a rousing success, but it illustrated one major drawback to the workshop style of teaching.

During a workshop, surrounded by like-minded students and encouraged by skilled instructors, men experience an adrenaline rush of learning. They’re pumped up all day and can’t wait to hit the bars and coffee shops at night. But what happens after they go home? After they return to their cubicles, and their compact cars, and their cookie-cutter apartments, and manipulative bosses, and bills to pay, and classes to take, and all the other mundane chores of real life? All that amazing energy, excitement, and support fades away and they find themselves struggling to say hello to that lovely lady in the fiction section at Borders.

To combat this post-workshop letdown, Strauss conceived the Stylelife Academy. A revolutionary method of teaching social improvement, this system provides an online coach. Someone to help, to encourage, and to give a good kick in the ass when needed! Every single day, every step of the way.

Always an innovator, Neil Strauss changed the game once again.